Machinery assembly tail board castings
Process:Resin sand molding technology




Process:Resin sand molding technology

Application:Used for injection molding, die casting machinery assembly parts.



Graphite typeMost of the graphite is spherical and flocculent, and the rest is clumpy
Spheroidization gradeGrade 2 Rate of spheroidization/
Graphite length(mm)/GradeGrade 6
Pearlite content25%GradePearlite 25
Cementite contentGrade/
Tensile strength (MPa)465Specified plasticity extension strength (MPa)313
Percentage of elongation after fracture16


1、Do you have safety and environmental certification?

Our company has a complete three-system certificate, and is also a green foundry enterprise recognized by China Foundry Association.

2、What quality system certificates do you have?

Our company has ISO9001 and TS16949 system certificates common to the global automotive industry.

3、What are your main auto parts products?

Our main products include heavy truck chassis parts: integrated beam, saddle bolt seat, leaf spring seat, support seat, balance shaft housing, steering gear housing, engine bracket; engine parts: flywheel, flywheel housing; axle parts: bottom plate, Shoes, wheels, brake hubs, calipers, brackets, differential housings and wheel rims; wind power parts: motor base and lower body; agricultural machinery parts: counterweights; sewing machine parts: sewing machine head and bottom plate;

4、Who are your main customers?

Foreign customers include Haas Automation, DN solution, Hyundai Wia, Caterpillar, Doosan, Jungheinrich, Clark, etc. Domestic customers include Shaanxi Automobile Group, Weichai Power, Hande Axle, Sinotruk, Qingte Group , Pengxiang Automobile, Jilin Dahua, Weichai Lovol, Sany Heavy Industry, Xugong, Liugong, Lingong, etc.

5、What are the grades of castings you produce?

The castings we produce are gray cast iron and ductile cast iron: gray iron grades: HT150, HT200, HT250, HT280, HT300; ductile iron grades: QT450-10, QT400-18, QT500-7, QT600-3, QT600-6, QT700 -10, QT800-5;

6、What are your advantages?

We have our own pig iron smelting department, which has the advantages of material cost and material guarantee; we have technical cooperation with Japan Foundry Co., Ltd. all the year round, and the material guarantee ability is strong; the products we produce have a complete range of grades, and high grades are our advantages;

7、What are your testing equipments?

Our company has a provincial R&D center and experimental center, Japanese Rigaku X fluorescence, German Spike spectrum, German Wenzel three-coordinate, three-dimensional scanner, hardness tester, tensile testing machine and other professional testing equipment;

8、How long is your production cycle?

At present, the production cycle of domestic customers' blanks is generally seven working days, and the specific delivery time is communicated and negotiated with customers;

9、What logistics can you provide?

Domestic customers generally transport by road, while foreign customers can use sea and railway;

10、Do you have surface treatment capabilities?

We are equipped with professional painting lines and spray booths, which can meet the requirements of various primers and topcoats.

11、Do you have research and development capabilities?

We have a complete technical team and a variety of related software, and have a separate mold workshop, which can independently design and develop various molds.

12、What are your main production processes?

We currently mainly have resin sand, clay sand and V method process.

13、Do you have organic processing capacity?

We have a machining workshop equipped with a variety of large, medium and small CNC gantry machine tools and machining centers, which can match the processing and quality requirements of the company's existing casting products.


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